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Pictured from left to right; Francois Venne, Xochitl Colero, Cassandra Bils, Ben Bradley-Gilbert (not pictured), Shane Pinkham (not pictured) and Ben Sharpe (not pictured)



Every year the money that is raised by League Legends, Inc. is deposited into the David Holman Scholarship Fund, the David Holman Tennis Scholarship Fund and the Miles Adams Scholarship Fund. Six Scholarships are awarded annually to graduating NHS seniors in cooperation with NHS scholarship Committee.


The students who receive the awards exemplify similar character traits and hobbies as Miles and David such as exhibiting a commendable work ethic and exerting positive influence on the people around them.


The scholarship money has given dozens of local youths the opportunity to receive a better education and a life experience that they might not have had otherwise. Our aim is to support the hopes and aspirations of local students and help to propel them beyond high school.


Congratulations to the 2015 recipients! We are very proud of them here at League Legends, Inc. and know that they will continue to do great things in the future.

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