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Miles Adams


Miles was a bright young man with a talent for film. Born in Haydenville, Miles moved to Northampton when he was seven. He attended the local schools and graduated from Northampton High in 2007. Throughout his life he made a large number of friends through his enthusiasm and fun-loving antics.


Miles was the type of person who would go out of his way to put a smile on your face, whether it was with a joke, a poke, or simply a hello. It was hard not to be smiling when Miles was around. He was an avid filmmaker, student of karate, and a member of the Northampton High School soccer team, playing all four years.


Like David, Miles was involved in The League from it’s conception. He played in The League's inaugural season in 2006 and even captained the underdog Dirty V’s to The League’s second championship in 2007. His laughter was contagious and he left a strong positive impression on everyone that he came into contact with.



Upon graduating from NHS, Miles completed his first semester at Fitchburg State College where he was in the Film and Video program. Miles played on the soccer team, and continued to dazzle everyone with his athleticism and quick smile.


While on winter break after his first semester, Miles passed away in a terrible accident walking across a stretch of highway near his house. As an artist, an athlete, and a great friend, Miles showed us what it really meant to be alive, and through this organization, we hope to spread Miles' amazing character and attitude. Miles still puts smiles on our faces today through the fond memories we have of him. By spreading his spirit and ideals, we can make sure that he will never be forgotten.

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