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Little Legends

Little Legends, is a basketball clinic hosted by Asst.Coach of Northampton Boys Basketball Michael O'Brien that is open to elementary kids of any gender!
What to expect at Little Legends?
  • Coaching from Varsity staff and players 

  • Skill development for all abilities 

  • Lots of cool basketball games 

  • Make new friends, Have fun!

Henry Doherty (Above) is one of many Northampton Boys Basketball players who attend and assist at Little Legends events 

At Little Legends we like to put emphasis on getting better while having fun. The drills included at Little Legends will help develop fundamental basketball skills such as passing,dribbling, shooting and defense.  

Don't forget to sign up!

To further help improve your skills we have Michael O'Brien, Asst. Coach of Varsity Northampton Boys Basketball, Head coach Ray harp often makes an appeance to Little Legends events.

Rey Harp (Above), Head Coach of Varsity Boys Basketball, can be seen joining a huddle at a Little Legends event. Coach Harp is very fond of Little Legends and if you go you might just see him there!

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