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How We Came To Be



In 2006 some of Northampton High School's students formed a pick-up basketball league. In keeping with simplicity, the student's settled on calling this endeavor "The League".


David Holman, along with Tim Kane, was a co-founder of The League and its first commissioner. The League was based around purely raw pick-up basketball that was played in all weather conditions and elements.


The games were played at Ryan Road school weeknights during Northampton High School's spring semester. Sometimes in snow, others in thunder and lightning but always in near darkness with only the glow of a nearby street lamp that flickered with every dribble. On a slanted court with double rimmed hoops and what seemed like spring loaded backboards, the players battled relentlessly for nothing more than bragging rights. There was only one rule...

                                                  ...No Blood, No Foul.


Every game was followed by endless discussions and debates the next day at school, much to the annoyance of teachers and any students within earshot. When an argument came to a standstill during the day, a "League Meeting" was called. All of The League's members would then gather in the small back room of the 4th period audio visual class, which a majority of them shared, to settle issues. More importantly, it was an opportunity to laugh and talk enviously about the previous night's game.


The original League consisted of 4 teams. Some of the players were from the high school team while others hadn't played since their glory days in the local YMCA league many years earlier. The goal was still the same, to be the top dog of the League at the end. In the first year's playoffs, David Holman captained his third seeded team, the Soul Survivors, to two upset victories including a win over the undefeated Brewskies in the Championship game. David and his team were awarded a work boot to serve as their trophy. The work boot symbolized the hardworking and hardnosed style of basketball which The League had come to represent. That, and it was the only thing laying around to use that night.


The following year, The League was back with a lot of excitement and interest. More than half of the League's original players had graduated but the next generation brought new faces and more teams to the 2nd season. Now with 6 teams, The League was in store for another exciting year. Miles Adams captained his 6th seeded team, who had not won a single game in the regular season, to a 3-0 run in the playoffs and The League's 2nd Championship. Along the way, Miles provided the League's cult following with some of the most entertaining play ever seen on the blacktop.


Sadly during the summer and winter of 2007 both David and Miles tragically passed away. They are remembered fondly by their friends and family. Both boys amongst their many hobbies and accolades, carried a special interest in The League. One that is shared with many of the students who have walked the halls of Northampton High School.


Since their passing The League has continued; you can still drive by at ten o'clock on a school night in the spring and see NHS students running up and down the courts at Ryan Road Elementary School. As a way to pay tribute to David and Miles, League Legends Incorporated was founded in the summer of 2008. Since then every year the LL Inc. hosts the League Legends Midsummer Classic for the players of The League, past and present as well as member of the Northampton community. It provides everyone with an event to come together and bond over an experience that our late friends cherished.


The proceeds raised during this tournament and many other events are placed into scholarship funds in David and Miles' names. The scholarships are awarded to Northampton High School students who are heading off to college. These students exhibit an exemplary work ethic and promise a bright future.The students who receive these scholarships are both charismatic and well loved, just like Miles and David.


The remaining proceeds will be used in conjunction with assistance from the city and government grants to build a memorial basketball court with lights in the city of Northampton. Our goal at League Legends, Inc. is to create an area of refuge for people in the community to play basketball after dusk. Ultimately we hope to use the court for adult summer basketball leagues and youth basketball clinics at an affordable cost.


The spirits of Miles and David live on. Through the efforts of League Legends, Inc. with the help of it's vastly growing number of supporters, their spirit will carry on and benefit future generations of the greater Northampton community.

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