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David Holman


David was born with the natural ability to bring people together. He was a lifelong resident of Florence. He worked in the community and graduated from Northampton High School in 2006.


David was a dedicated worker at Cooper’s Corner for years. He served as Class Vice President during his Junior year, and played tennis all four years of high school. He was always smiling, cracking jokes, and was instrumental in many of the lives of his friends. His charisma and sense of humor made him a cornerstone in his group of friends. He was constantly bringing people together the organization of pick-up sports and social events.


In David’s senior year of high school, he helped co-found a weeknight pickup basketball league for kids at the high school, fittingly naming it The League. Not only did David co-found the league he captained his team, the Soul Survivors, to The League's inaugural championship.

The League represented a lot of what David was committed to; bringing people together, giving everyone a chance, and having fun by creating something new within our community. After high school, David completed his first year at Southern New Hampshire University, making the Dean’s List. At SNHU, David continued to create friendships and have a positive influence on the people around him.


In the summer of 2007, David passed away in a tragic car accident. Although we lost him at far too young of an age, David’s spirit and contagious optimism has carried on in the people who were lucky enough to spend time with him. Through League League Inc. we hope to keep his torch lit in the hope of inspiring the youth of our community to reach the heights that David would have  given the time.

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